FR: Qui a/aurait pu tuer le voleur ? / Qui peut/pourrait avoir tué le voleur ?

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  2. yvandas Senior Member

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    The translation would be: Qui aurait pu tuer le voleur? This sentence is broader in sense in that it would identify the attributes of the potential killer. When you say "Qui a pu tuer le voleur?" you are applying the criterion identified by the first sentence to a set of suspects i.e. you are narrowing down your options to eventually identify the more likely suspect.
  3. le chat noir

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    Same nuance as between "could" and "might", I guess.
  4. Icetrance Senior Member

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    Je vois bien ce vous dites-la. Mais, j'avoue ne pas être certain des différentes nuances véhiculées par toutes les trois phrases.

    J'ai toujours pensé que "aurait pu" sous-entendait un acte qui ne s'est jamais produit"'(could have, but never did)

    Je peux avoir tort, mais voilà

    Je reprends ce que je viens de dire. On pourrait dire "Qui aurait pu le voleur?"

    "Qui aurait pu tuer le voleur'" est moins accusateur que "Qui a pu tuer le voleur"?

    ""Qui pourrait avoir tué" semble être synonyme de "Qui a pu tuer le voleur"

    J'aime me prendre la tête.
  5. yvandas Senior Member

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    "Qui aurait pu?" is aiming at identifying the motives/circumstances in a general sense. (Stage one) "Qui a pu?" is aiming at linking the motives/circumstances to suspects. (Stage two)
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    That is very tough, I think that all these sentences are very near. I think like yvandas

    Qui aurait pu tuer le voleur ?

    means that you don't know who could have killed, so there is a broad choice.

    Qui a pu tuer le voleur ?

    will be used if you hesitate among a set of persons.

    Qui pourrait avoir tué le voleur

    for me, it is just another way to say "Qui aurait pu tuer le voleur",
    you put the past on "tuer" instead of "pouvoir", no big deal !
    In the same way

    Qui peut avoir tué le voleur

    is strictly equivalent to "Qui a pu tuer le voleur ?"

    Well, really I think that the nuance is very slight, maybe there is no nuance, and all these expressions are synonym. Spend your time in more interesting questions ... please !

    As said le chat noir, I think that

    Qui a pu tué le voleur = Who could have killed the robber ?
    Qui aurait pu tué le voleur = Who might have killed the robber ?

    In english, what differences would you do between "could" and "might" in these two sentences ???
  7. Icetrance Senior Member

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    It's hard to say for sure, but I think that yvanda's theory is worth being noted. Thanks again yvandas:)

    Tu peux avoir raison aussi, Marcolo. La nuance est minimum, s'il en est.

    Je pense que "aurait pu tuer" est peut-être un peu moins accusateur.

    Contrairement à ce que tu penses, je trouve cette question bien intéressante. ;)
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