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FR: verbes d'état + participe passé en adjectif

Discussion in 'French and English Grammar / Grammaire française et anglaise' started by -[taki_paki]*, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. -[taki_paki]* Junior Member

    bonjour. J'ai une question. Est-ce qu'on dois faire l'accorde seulement avec les verbes comme: fermer, ouvrir, rester, demurer, devenir...etc, quand un phrase a "etre" pour l'auxilliaire??

    Par exemple: La porte est fermee.

    are there any more "common" verbs that follow the same rule?
  2. charlie2 Senior Member

    "ferm[FONT=&#26032]é[/FONT]e" in your example is the past participle of "fermer" acting as an adjective. Therefore, if I am not mistaken, "est" is not really an auxillary in your example.
    On the other hand, when we form the pass[FONT=&#26032]é[/FONT] compos[FONT=&#26032]é[/FONT] of a verb, the question of [FONT=&#26032]ê[/FONT]tre being an auxillary will become relevant. For a way to remember which verbs take [FONT=&#26032]ê[/FONT]tre, please see Mrs Vandertramp .:)
    In both cases (past participle acting as an adjective and the pass[FONT=&#26032]é[/FONT] compos[FONT=&#26032]é[/FONT]), we have to pay attention to the gender of the subject of the sentence.

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