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Fruity French sayings

Discussion in 'Themed Lists' started by rheta, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. rheta New Member

    United States and French
    These are others which I found online:


    Tomber dans les pommes
    Literally: to fall with the apples
    Use: to faint, to be sick

    Un sourire mi-figue, mi-rasin
    Literally: a smile half fig, half grape
    Use: not very enthusiastic

    Des queues de cerises
    Literally: some cherry stems
    Use: cheap, a good buy

    Ramener sa fraise
    Literally: to spit up your strawberry again and again
    Use: tell the same stories over and over

    Pour des prunes
    Literally: for plums
    Use: work for little money, for nothing

    Presser le citron
    Literally: to press the lemon
    Use: to be tired, to have enough of something

    Étre bonne poire
    Literally: to be a good pear
    Use: to be naïve, overly enthusiastic, a sucker

    Avoir une pêche d'enfer
    Literally: to have a peach out of hell
    Use: very energetic, in good shape

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