ganar a pulso and paved with gold

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  1. pinkpanter

    pinkpanter Senior Member

    Hi all,

    Is there an English equivalent for the idiom "ganar a pulso" meaning you have achieved something because you tried as much as you could?

    And a Spanish equivalent to "paved with gold" as in imigrants that think the streets of a city are paved with gold meaning that it is very easy to make money there?

    Thanks in advance!
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    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Hello, Pinkpanter, somewhere in Europe!
    I think "ganar a pulso" is "to earn something".
    And for "paved with gold", there is the old saying "Creen que aquí se atan los perros con longanizas", which conveys the same meaning.
    Let's wait for more replies.
  3. lizy Senior Member

    What about "to REALLY earn something", which is more emphatic?
    As for "atar los perros con longanizas", I just love it, Eva. Congratulations.

    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Thanks, Lizy, but I didn't make it up! Haven't you heard that phrase before?
    Yes, "to really earn something" sounds just fine.
  5. lizy Senior Member

    I know it exists, but it's been ages since I last heard it.
  6. cubaMania Senior Member

    "Ganar" se traduce a dos diferentes sentidos en inglés.
    "To earn" quiere decir ganar un pago (dinero u otra cosa) por sus mismos esfuerzos.
    "To win" quiere decir ganar un premio, ganar en un juego, concurso, pelea, o tener éxito en algo.

    "Earn" en algunos casos significa simplemente "ganar" como en "He earns a salary." o "He earned a place on the team."
    En otros casos implica el sentido de ganar a pulso como en "You earned it!" (o "really earned it" el mismo sentido con extra énfasis).

    Por adjetivo usamos "hard-earned" que creo que tiene el sentido preciso que buscas para "ganar a pulso" pero no se usa en forms de verbo. No decimos "You earned it hard" sino "It was hard-earned." (describing the success, the money, the promotion, o lo que sea).
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  7. pinkpanter

    pinkpanter Senior Member

    Thank you a lot!!

    I loved this, "Creen que aquí se atan los perros con longanizas". Thanks for sharing it Eva.

    "It was hard-earned" - CubaMania... that was exactly what I was looking for! :D

    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    You're welcome, Pinkpanter!
    I never thought such an old saying would be so successful today!
  9. pinkpanter

    pinkpanter Senior Member


    I cannot wait to use it! :D
  10. yirgster Senior Member

    USA, English
    Solo Nairo Quintana de los llamados cuatro fantásticos le pudo aguar la fiesta parisina. El colombiano, mejor joven del Tour, se ha ganado a pulso el respeto del mundo del ciclismo gracias a sus estoicos pero insuficientes ataques en las etapas andinas.

    The Colombian, the best young rider of the Tour, earned the respect of the world of cycling thanks to his stoic but ultimately unsuccessful attacks on the Andean-like stages.

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