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    My apologies for once again troubling the good folk here.

    (1) What is the most accurate way phonetically to transliterate the Hebrew word ketoret/qetoreth (the Temple incense in Exodus)? I would like to do it in the most accurate way, just because they don't exist in English.

    (2) Similarly, what is the best phonetic transliteration for the Holy of Holies, the qodesh ha-qadashim?

    The above were my attempts, are they OK?
  2. arielipi Senior Member

    1)Formally: the word alone, ketort, though today we omit the shva na berosh mila in most of the words, so: ktoret.
    Other than that, if you add a prefix its still -ktoret

    2) kodesh ha-kodashim
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    Arielipi, if anything, it can't be ketort at all.

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