1. BCM New Member

    Buenas tardes.

    Por favor, ¿cómo diríais en inglés "Gracias a ti", cuando alguien te da las gracias y realmente es él el que te está haciendo el favor?.

    Muchas gracias.
  2. calcetines Junior Member

    Boston, Mass., USA
    English, Spanglish, United States
    "No, thank you."

    You just emphasize the "you" more. There's classier ways of doing it, too, but that's the simplest.
  3. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    De a cuerdo con Calcetines, en el contexto que nos has dado es: "Thank YOU!"

    Pero en ciertos contextos puede ser "Thanks to you."

    Otra persona te ha ayudado por ejemplo a llegar a una cita a tiempo: "Gracias a ti pude llegar a tiempo." Thanks to you I was able to arrive on time.
  4. dannyR Senior Member

    Seattle, WA
    No, thank you
    No, thanks to you

    depending on the context.

    Bill: "Thanks to you, we finished the project."
    Julie: "No, it was thanks to you"
    Bill: "Well, thank you then."
    Julie: "Thank YOU."
    Bill: "Thank you"
    Julie: "You're welcome."

    Believe it or not, I've actually had coversations that went like this on more than one occassion.
  5. BCM New Member

    Muchas gracias a todos por vuestras explicaciones y ejemplos (¡y qué rápidos!).

    Thanks to you, I know how to answer "Thank YOU".
  6. Steph_NZ New Member

    Auckland, New Zealand
    New Zealand - English
    Hola, I would never say "Thanks to you" in response to "Thank you".
    I would only say that if someone said something like "Thanks to you, we can now sleep" etc etc...

    To put enphasis on the thanks being due to the person you're talk to, I'd say 'Thank YOU"..

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