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  1. Jaime_imc8 Member

    Hi, I am a Spanish PhD Student, that is I had my degree two years ago and now I am investigating to defend a thesis in two years. Well, Im going to visit for three months an American Lab and I don´t know "what I am", that's to say, am I a graduate student?am I a visiting scholar?...
    Thank you very much if you could help me.
  2. fenixpollo

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    Hello, Jaime, and welcome to the forum.

    How would you describe "what you are" in Spanish? It would be helpful for us to see a phrase that you would like to translate.

  3. icicina Member

    Hello Jaime
    I am a PhD student myself in the U.K. To my understanding you could class yourself as a postgraduate student or graduate student when referring to yourself in correspondence letters. You could also be a visiting scholar - all depends what function the American University is going to give you and under which conditions you would be visiting the university. Hope that helps.
  4. Jaime_imc8 Member

    Hi again and sorry, in Spain I am a "doctorando" or "estudiante que está haciendo la tesis doctoral", in fact the phrase that I would like to translate would be the latter.
    Thanks again.
  5. Roberto_Mendoza

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    El término común en EE. UU. para los estudiantes de doctorado que ya aprobaron los exámenes y que están escribiendo la tesis es ABD (all but dissertation) o "doctoral candidate". Saludos.
  6. Jaime_imc8 Member

    Thank you very much,I have been surfing on some web sites of American universities and I think you are right and I can be considered as a "graduate student".

    I go to the University only to investigate there for three months, I'm not neither a visiting professor nor a visiting lecturer, so what do you think, Could I be a visiting scholar?
    Thank you very much because now, at least, I know that I am a "graduate student"!Everything is quite different!
  7. Roberto_Mendoza

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    Si vas a hacer investigación, puedes ser un un RA (research assistant) o un "research fellow". Pero como te dije en el post anterior, también eres un ABD o "doctoral candidate". Saludos.
  8. Jaime_imc8 Member

    Gracias Roberto!!Pues esa es justa mi situación!!La verdad es que nunca había usado este foro pero enseguida te solucionan las cosas!!!muchas gracias
  9. icicina Member

    Hola - you could be considered a visiting scholar or a "fellow researcher" It all depends what they classed you. To my understanding all these terms could apply to you.

    Regarding your thread above
    I would translate it as "student undertaking a doctorate" or "student undertaking a PhD thesis".

    Saludos y buena suerte.
  10. Jaime_imc8 Member

    Thank you very much,
    gracias a todos!!Todo ha sido de gran ayuda!!!
  11. pampanante New Member

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    Hello from a current graduate student not yet working on his doctoral thesis (dissertation); we talk about those who are working on their dissertations as "doctoral students" or "doctoral candidates" - there's also a word "dissertator" floating around, but used infrequently.

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