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gray out (computing) + settlement (sales)

Discussion in 'Computers/IT/Informática' started by Wild Bear, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Wild Bear New Member

    Spanish Venezuela
    I'd like to know how you can say "gray out" in spanish, this is a word used by computer programmers. Also I'd like to know how you can translate into spanish "settlement" in a sales context. Thanks for your help.
  2. araceli moderadora

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish

    Se necesita colocar las palabras buscadas en una oración completa.
    Por favor, lee las reglas del foro, gracias.

  3. lezka Junior Member

    Oxford, UK
    Spanish and Catalan, Spain
    I would say perhaps "resaltadas (en gris)" o "marcadas (en gris)"
  4. megane_wang

    megane_wang Senior Member

    Spanish / Catalan
    Por favor, Wild Bear, incluye siempre la frase completa o por lo menos una descripción detallada de lo que buscas.

    Así se consigue que el foro sea todavía más eficiente.
  5. natg18 New Member

    Spanish - Argentina
    It's an old question but I'll add my two cents for future viewers. In Argentina we say 'campo grisado' for the grayed out fields.
  6. VAMP76 Junior Member

    Mexican spanish
    For settlement I would say "acuerdo"
    Like "sale settlement" would be "acuerdo de venta"

    good luck

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