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Grazie per gli auguri di compleanno!

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by True *Star*, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. True *Star* New Member

    Italy and Italian
    Ciao a tutti!
    Mi piacerebbe sapere come si dice in Inglese: " Grazie per gli auguri di compleanno!"
    Grazie in anticipo!
  2. jamiel Junior Member

    English, United Kingdom
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  3. True *Star* New Member

    Italy and Italian
  4. EugenioCelli New Member

    Ciao. I am having trouble tranlsting what my cousin said to me. If you need some background info, i was saying happy birthday to her..

    "grazie per gli auguri....i'm getting older...30 years...too much!!!
    spero di vederti presto!! un bacione grande grande!"
  5. fabry2811

    fabry2811 Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    Thanks, sto diventando vecchia....30 anni....troppi!!
    Hope to see you soon, kisses.

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