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Greenfield and brownfield applications

Discussion in 'Computers/IT/Informática' started by patriv, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. patriv Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain

    In the context of deployment of fiber networks, I've come across the following sentence:

    They are deploying PON for Greenfield and Brownfield applications.

    OK, I know what PON is (passive optical networks), but ¿what are greenfield and brownfield applications?

    I imagine that it relates to building the network in residential (green) areas and urban (brown) areas, but I'd like verification of that potential translation.

    Thanks a lot!!
  2. yellow_submarine New Member

    Villajoyosa, Spain
    English, England
    hi patriv, in English we can describe "greenfield" and "brownfield" in many areas, and normally relates to whether the target is new or - not so new. I would therefore guess that a greenfield application is one that is new and can be designed around the PON, whereas a brownfield application will require additional considerations due to it already existing.

    I hope this goes some way to explain ?
  3. patriv Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    THANKS a lot, Yellow Submarine! It does make sense in the context, so I'll buy it :)
  4. Alberto_Arto Senior Member

    Spain, Zaragoza / Spanish

    "Greenfield" designa zonas/edificios de nueva construcción, sin infraestructura telefónica previa.


  5. Grhm New Member

    American English
    Saludos; ha pasado un buen rato, pero descubrí en un documento sobre la transmisión y distribución de electricidad, que en los Estados Unidos la designación greenfield se refiere a un proyecto de nueva construcción, como indicó Alberto_Arto, que todavía carece de instalaciones eléctricas permanentemente habilitadas; y brownfield es la designación que indica el estado de energización final de dicho proyecto.

    Espero que sirva.

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