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  1. balexy

    balexy Senior Member

    Mexico, Spanish
    Does anybody know what's the name of that ingredient in Jell-O that lets it 'solidify'? In Spanish it's called 'grenetina' but I cannot find this entry in any dictionary.
  2. SFO Senior Member

    California/Buenos Aires
    English (USA/New Zealand)
  3. balexy

    balexy Senior Member

    Mexico, Spanish

    ooooooooooooh, it's so easy, hehehe, thanks a lot!!!!
  4. oso Senior Member

    Mexico- NYC Based.
    Creo que grenetina sólo se usa en México. En todos los demás lugares es gelatina.
  5. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    La gelatina (en algunos países de Sudamérica grenetina) es una mezcla coloide (sustancia semisólida), incolora, translúcida, quebradiza y casi insípida que se obtiene a partir del colágeno procedente del tejido conectivo de despojos animales hervidos con agua.

    Bet you didn't know Mexico was in South America ;)

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