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  1. guixe13 Senior Member

    Cómo se dice en ingles a una chica por la calle: Guapa!

    Beautiful!!! queda muy triste... no?

    Y de saludo por msn, o sms para decir hola guapa? Hi beautiful?
  2. OTELO Senior Member

    español, MADRID
    Yo he oído "Hi, cutie", pero es posible que haya formas mejores de decir esas cosas. Esperemos a los nativos.
  3. Paul Clancy Senior Member

    Ireland, English
    You would say "Hey beautiful" or "hello/hi gorgeous" or simply just give a wolf whistle (which is another way around it and to be truthful, the method mostly used by us non latin men!!). "Hi cutie" is something the Americans might say but no Irish guy or British guy would say it.

    In a text, by email or on the phone you can say "Hi beautiful" is perfectly fine or "Hi gorgeous"

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