Happy FIRST Birthday Wordreference Forums!

Discussion in 'Celebrations' started by belén, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. belén

    belén Ex-Moderator

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca

    It is a special occasion, so the thread had to be special as well. For three days we'll have this place to congratulate, express our feelings, post inline images if wished Use the bigger fonts, and even chatting...!!! Nooo, can we really chat? No way! Yes, yes we can chat!, Ooooh, are you kidding me? Yes, really, we CAN chat!! why not? After all, that's what people do at parties!!!

    So, welcome and have fun!! Bring food and drinks, play your favorite music and let get this started!!!!

  2. belén

    belén Ex-Moderator

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Thank you Mike and thanks to the foreros that make this place such a special ONE
  3. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English

    big thanks to mike for providing this lovely little linguistic piece of heaven :)
    and to his minions which post here ;)
  4. LadyBlakeney

    LadyBlakeney Senior Member


    I brought some Spanish tortilla, cured ham, olives and sangría, enjoy!!​

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  5. beri Senior Member

    I would like to express so many things, now that I have the opportunity to do so.
    I would like to say thanks to all those who love to help here
    I would like to say thanks to all those who love languages and are eager to learn them ever more

    I would like to say that I love what we have, this inherent community spirit, that overcomes us when we are here. We don't know each other and yet, we want to help each other. I love this atmosphere of helpfulness, it is something so special I can hardly describe, but need I really describe it so that you understand me, my fellow translators - I would almost like to say "my brothers" ?

    I would also like to think of some of the early members I had the pleasure to meet when the WR forums were newborns. Some of them do not come anymore, but I would like to say I haven't forgotten them. It is moving to have known the starting point of an initiative that has taken volume today. At this time it was an intimate community and today, many people have joined us. I am happy for this itinerary and would like to say a last "hello" to the early times of the WR forums. It has been an honour to be here since the (almost) beginning. :eek:

    So thank you to all of you, I hope we have a long way to go ahead all together, a way of helpfulness, of fraternity and of good work.

    I hope many people here meet each other and that we will learn to know each other beyond this virtual place, and that all this unconscious friendship becomes real.

    I hope many of you will feel like they have been writing this little message while reading it.

    Many thanks to all for building such a special community. :) :handonmyheart:

    P.S.: And don't you correct my mistakes in this post :mad: :D it's party time today!
  6. OlivierG

    OlivierG Senior Member

    Toulouse, France
    France / Français
    Joyeux anniversaire
    aux forums de WordReference !

    I bring the Champagne and the "foie gras" !​
  7. panjandrum

    panjandrum PongoMod

    Belfast, Ireland
    English-Ireland (top end)
    I came across this happy place by accident (on accident;) ) after coming back from Italy with some confusing phrases to research.
    I have hovered around forums on other topics before, but I have NEVER found a place that feels so much like home as WR.

    There is an enthusiasm to help and a readiness to admit the need for help - and to admit that the help you give might be wrong - that is unique and very special.

    Yiz are all great so yiz are.

    I would also like to say what a superb job the mods do altogether. Shortly after I joined I got banned accidentally (well they said that at the time:) ) and as a result of later conversations I found out just how much seriously hard work goes on to keep these Forums what they are.

    Whew. That's all a bit serious.

    Party time?
    All I could find were a couple of bottles of red, but let me add them to the mood......
  8. mnzrob Senior Member

    Denver, Colorado USA
    Chicago English and German
    Thanks to Mike for setting up the forums, and thanks to everyone else for helping. I've learned a lot in the five months that I have been here. Cheers!:thumbsup:

  9. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian
    This community is a real BLAST!


    (for creating WR)

  10. QUIJOTE Senior Member

    I also would like to join the rest of the friends here and add that...well there is not much to add every one here is great in my book.

  11. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    :) Dear Mike, :)

    you and the crowds of wonderful forer@s I have met here made me a WR addict.

    :thumbsup: But I am proud of it
    . :thumbsup:

    ***Happybirthday, forums!***
  12. zebedee

    zebedee the manamana mod

    Valencia - Spain
    Gt. Britain - English

    Ok everyone, close your eyes, make a wish and bloooooow!

    Pass your plates, there's enough for everyone!

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  13. Artrella Banned

    :idea: GRANDE MIKE Y GRANDE WR!!! :idea:

    :D :thumbsup: Hoy en nuestro cumpleaños así que felicidades a todos los foreros de WR!!!! :D :thumbsup:




  15. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    What an occasion to party!!!


    I came here to ask a very simple question in the French forum, but then I discovered that this is a very very helpful atmosphere here, so I decided to "get a forum addict". :D

    And everything was worth it. :) :) :)

    I bring some German barbecue food:

  16. beri Senior Member

    My wish for the new year: that the Spanish-French forum has more people in it :D:D
    and that these fora go on the same way
    and that many things happen in it; why not meetings, love stories etc. :)
    and that be created a chatroom forum for general topics, so that we could get to know the other members better, and sub-forums so that the curious people we are could learn ever more (one thread per topic, not per word - e.g. feeling expressions, phrasal verbs, slang words, etc.)

    In a nutshell, I wish WR a very happy creationday and I wish them anything that could make this place ever better!

    Happy creationday!!!
  17. araceli moderadora

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    ¡Feliz cumpleaños WR!
    Gracias Mike y foreros por este cálido lugar.
  18. alc112

    alc112 Senior Member

    Concordia, Entre Ríos
    Argentina Spanish
    Happy Birthday Word Reference!!!
    Hapy birthday

    I really like to take part of this forum. This is the only forum where I have more than 200 post:D and it is the best one. The avatar size and the signatures doesn't care. This is the best forum.


  19. jorge_val_ribera

    jorge_val_ribera Senior Member

    ¡Felicidades, forito!

    No sé qué podría regalarte en este día...¿qué se le regala a un 1-añero? Lo menos que puedo hacer es seguir aportando todo lo que pueda y agradecerles a todos los participantes por ser siempre tan amables y serviciales.

    ¡Gracias, Mike, por tenernos tanta paciencia y hacer que este foro funcione tan bien como lo ha estado haciendo!

    (Forgive my English, please)

    I don't know what I could give you today...what can you give someone who turns 1? The least thing I can do is continue contributing all I can and say thanks to all the members for being always so nice and helpful.

    Thanks, Mike, for having so much patience with us and making this forum work as it's been working till now!
  20. Fernando Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Happy birthday and thank you to all of you who "lose" your time to help the people who ask.

    :cool: No chicks. I go back home.
  21. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    Happy Birthday to WR! Yay!

    Ok, every one . . . . Are you ready for what I have to say? It's a doozy!

    I loved this place the moment I stepped foot in it back in August of '04! I wasn't a big computer person, but have always been a big language person! So, the people in this forum give me a place to go when the stresses of my job wear on my nerves, and the schoolwork piles up, and the boyfriend makes me angry, and just when I think there are no good people! . . . . I come here. :)

    The people in this forum are loving, nurturing, thoughtful, inquisitive, hilarious, intelligent, helpful, generous and simply wonderful. While I don't know all of you in "real life", I can certainly say the above. Your personalities show in your posts, and in your signatures, and avatars. :p

    Belén and Laura: You two are really important to this forum. Not only are so incredibly knowledgable, and willing to share that knowledge, but you NEVER hesitate to help, no matter how busy you are, or how trivial the question is.

    Art: My Nildita! If I knew you in real life, I swear we’d be good friends! Your thirst for knowledge is something I admire so much about you. And your bubbly personality lifts my spirits.

    Like an Angel and Inés: My little angels! You always come to my rescue when I am feeling absolutely lost and confused with my Spanish. I can tell you know what it’s like to be a learner.

    Benjy: You’re just everyone’s friend! So mellow and laidback, you help keep our chaos under control . . . . at times.

    Azz and Oros: Oh, Oros . . . . Your questions about the English language never cease! Although they make me think so hard I get headaches, I also admire your quest for the truth!

    Alexis: I love our relationship because I know I can lean on you for help, just as you do on me. Our conversations beyond the forum (in PM’s) are fabulous!

    Jacinta: Girl . . . . . I’m so glad I’ve had you there with me since the very beginning! I always know that if Jacinta’s there, everything is ok.

    Cuchu: You, too, have been with us for a long time. You were the “top guardian” of the forum, even before Mods existed! For most of us, you are like that crazy uncle that shakes his finger at us when we misbehave, we chat behind your back, but you always catch us! But, at the same time, I feel like you coddle some of us into being the great learners that we are. You are always helpful, never hurtful. Our conversations beyond the forum walls have also stayed with me.

    I Love Translating: You’ve only recently joined us, but you do fit in so well!

    Phryne: You have only joined us recently, but I feel like I’ve known you for much longer than that. You, also, never hesitate to help a girl out!

    EVA: Y, para mi querida Evacita. ¡Siempre me ayudas con mis dolores de aprender! :p

    Timpeac, Te Gato, Outsider, Sergio, Leo, MJ, SweetT, Zebe, Whodunit, Araceli, LGS, Garry, Jana, Masood, NT and Lanc, CROM!, Lain, Citrus, Funny, DDT, the list goes on. All of you have made my time here soooo special to me, really. :thumbsup: :p

    And, finally to Mike: Thank you for thinking of this brilliant idea! A place where language-learners can come to exchange thoughts, translations, discuss grammar, ask obscure questions about vocabulary, debate current events, and support one another when tragedy strikes. Although you’re not active in the forum, we all appreciate the hard work you put into making things run smoothly. It’s evident in your response to our pleas, and queries in the Comments and Suggestions forum, and PM’s. One of these days, we will manage to coordinate our schedules! I am absolutely dying to find out what you’re like in real life. :D
  22. NTFS

    NTFS Banned

    Account Closed due to security reasons

    $$HapPY BiRThdaY WR!!!!!$$

    :warn: Congratulations to Sir Mike and to Everyone!!!!:warn:
    :D Tttthhhaaannkkkk Yyyyooouuuu Ssssooo MmmmuuuccchhhH!!!!:D
  23. ILT

    ILT Moderando con moderación

    México - Español/Castellano

    Here's the mariachi to play some loud fiesta music at the party!!!

    Thanks for everybody for welcoming me in such a warm way, both when I ask for help and when I help others.

    I first saw the forum some time ago, but was hesitant to join because of all the crazy things we hear about making friends over the internet, but when I saw what a bunch of nice, helpful and kind people participating, I felt I had to join, and now, I'm another WR addict!!!

    Mike: I know this is a lot of effort on your part, but please keep up, it has helped so many of us learn about languages, about other cultures, about other people, and some times, about ourselves!!! Thanks for everything.

    ILT :D :D :D
  24. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    Yes, ILT. I know what you mean. At first, I was hesitant as well. I had heard about people having "cyber friends", and meeting people over the Internet, and thought it was just crazy-talk . . . :eek:

    I admit it, too. I am absolutely addicted to this place. :rolleyes: :p
  25. ILT

    ILT Moderando con moderación

    México - Español/Castellano
    Oh yes, and now, I read in a post a few days back, someone even met his wife using these forums!!! Yay!!! A WR weeding ;)
  26. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    A esta foto le hace falta un poco de musica, feliz cumpleaños al estilo mexicano.


  27. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    Make way, make way.... direct from Puerto Rico and in grand Caribbean style... the best and most succulent roast pig you'll ever taste!!! Slow-roasted over an open pit, deliciously seasoned, the meat so tender it practically melts away in your mouth...

    I share this delicacy with all my friends here in WR, a place that I have come to cherish very much... my "own" little slice of cybernetic heaven!
  28. beri Senior Member

    Anyone to post their pictures? ;) I will certainly do when I get home.
    Come on, it's party these days,
    montrez vos [​IMG]!
    enseñad vuestros[​IMG]!
    show your [​IMG]!

  29. Rayines Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Hallo: Lots of congratulations and life for WR! I've come to enjoy-as I do in the Forum- everybody's company, and now food, drinks, pictures and music!!
    And we may have dancing too!!:


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  30. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    Also from Puerto Rico... yummy "tostones" (fried green plantain slices)... superb for passing around and nibbling. Sprinkle them with a bit of salt or garlic powder...
  31. alc112

    alc112 Senior Member

    Concordia, Entre Ríos
    Argentina Spanish
    Aprovechando la gran oportunidad de chatear en este hilo.
    ¡qué rico se ve eso!

    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish

    Happy birthday, WordReferenceForums!

    The best way to make friends, learn new things, and make hours fly away! :)

    Hip! Hip! Hooray!!! :D

  33. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    Look, folks.... I got Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony to come sing at our party!!!!
  34. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    And Ricky Martin said he's coming over as well.....
  35. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    Conocer el foro ha sido una grata experiencia en mi vida.

    Para los que les gusta sentirse nostalgicos en un cumpleaños, lean este poema que puede ensenarnos mucho.

    Camina plácidamente en medio del ruido y la prisa, y piensa en la paz que puede haber en el silencio.
    En cuanto te sea posible y sin rendirte, mantén buenas relaciones con todas las personas.
    Enuncia tu verdad, de una manera serana y clara, y escucha a los demas, incluso al torpe e ignorante; cada uno de ellos tiene también su historia.
    Evita a las personas ruidosas y agresivas, porque ellos molestan el espíritu.
    Si te comparas con otros puedes hacerte vano y amargado; porque siempre habrán personas mayores y menores que tú.
    Disfruta de tus éxitos lo mismo que de tus planes.
    Ama tu carrera por humilde que sea; ella es un verdadero tesoro en el fortuito cambiar del tiempo.
    Sé cauto en los negocios pues, porque el mundo está lleno de personas sin escrúpulos.
    Pero tambien, no permitas que esto te ensegue a las virtudes que existen; muchas personas se esfuerzan para los ideales altos; y por en todas partes la vida está llena de heroísmo.
    Sé sincero contigo mismo. Especialmente, no finjas el afecto; pero tampoco seas cinico en cuanto al amor; pues en medio de todas las arideces y desengaños, es perenne como la hierba.
    Acepta con serenidad el consejo de los años, y abandona con donaire las cosas de la juventud.
    Cultiva la firmeza del espíritu, para que te proteja en las adversidades repentinas, pero no te aflijas imaginando fantasmas. Muchos temores nacen de la fatiga y la soledad.
    Conserva una sana disciplina, y sé benigno contigo mismo.
    Tú eres una criatura del universo no menos que los árboles y las estrellas; tienes derecho a existir. Y sea que te resulte claro o no, indudablemente el universo marcha como debiera.
    Vive en paz con Dios cualquiera que sea tu idea de Él y sean cuales fueran tus trabajos y aspiraciones.
    Conserva la paz con tu alma en la bulliciosa confusion de la vida.
    A pesar de sus falsedades, trabajos pesados y sueños fallidos, el mundo es todavia hermoso. Sé cauto y esfuerzate por ser feliz.
    propiedad literaria de Max Ehrmann
  36. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    Here we have "Mike Kellogg" and "Cuchuflete" getting ready to celebrate... BIG time! :D

  37. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    Look.... Belén is giving everyone a chocolate duck!!!

  38. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    ... And DDT is bringing ALL his brothers and sisters to the WR party!!! :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  39. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    I Love Translating said she's giving out FREE copies of her newly-published book... :)

  40. beri Senior Member

    laura > are these really mike and cuchu???
  41. Sev

    Sev Senior Member

    Béziers, France
    France, french.
    Of course ! And it's really DDT's brothers and sisters too ! :D :p :)
  42. beri Senior Member

    I think I am the first one to show my face here, it's an honour [​IMG]

    Beri some time after HIS 1st birthday;) :
    Beri about now:
  43. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    noooooooo... didn't you see the "quote marks" I used when I mentioned their "names"? ;)

    EDIT: yeah, sure... that's Mike & Cuchu, uh-huh.
    I stole their picture from the Moderators' bulletin board!!!! HAHAHAHAH
  44. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    Lems said he'd drop by a little later.... he's working right now. :)


    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish

    With so much food, I decided to bring in a little something to drink... :D

  46. beri Senior Member

    oh ok, so I'm definitely the first one ;)
  47. beri Senior Member

    Here are panjy and his family:
    Wow, the family is getting bigger! ;) Champagne!
  48. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    And no wonder, Eva! Those giant churros you are bringing to the party are to die for!!!! :)

  49. lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico/Español & English
    Oh, Beri... you are tempting me to post my picture... maybe later. :rolleyes:

    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    VenusEnvy, you forgot about me!

    Never mind, let's keep on celebrating!

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