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hardening their assets

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by triniatwork, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. triniatwork New Member

    Spanish Venezuela
    In the context of Climate change:
    "Future energy projects located in storm-prone areas will face increased capital costs, hardening their assets due to both legislative and insurance pressures"
  2. picopegajoso

    picopegajoso Senior Member

    Detroit area, U.S.
    English - U.S.
    Hello, Trinia:

    The term hard assets usually translates as activos duros or bienes tangibles.

    I don't know exactly how this would be phrased in Spanish, but the idea is that legislative and insurance pressures will prevent these projects from converting hard assets into liquid ones.
  3. jcwoos Senior Member

    Creo que se refiere a la necesidad de hacer a las estructuras mas resistentes a sucesos como tormentas, mareas altas o el aumento en el nivel del mar que pueden resultar de los cambios climáticos. ¨fortaleciendo sus activos (o inmuebles)¨ seria una una posibilidad.

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