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Have a safe trip

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by csmith, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. csmith New Member

    English, South Africa
    How do I say " Have a safe trip" in Italian
  2. disegno

    disegno Senior Member

    San Francisco
    United States English
    Abbi un buon viaggio.
  3. raffaella Senior Member

    Italy, Italian

    Or simply "Buon viaggio".

    If you want to stress the "safe" part of your message (as in "don't drive too fast, take good care of yourself") then you can say "Buon viaggio e sii prudente."

  4. cicciocello67 Senior Member

    Al limite fai :thumbsup: un buon viaggio
  5. Akire72

    Akire72 Senior Member

    Florence, Italy
    Italian - Italy
    Anche senza "un": Fai buon viaggio!
  6. Lorena1970

    Lorena1970 Senior Member

    Italy, Italiano
    "Have a safe trip" significa "Buon viaggio" o "Fai buon viaggio". Non implica nessuna raccomandazione di prudenza. Che prudenza dovrebbe avere uno che prende un aereo...???

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