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Hayat benim, istediğimi yaparım!

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by MissPrudish, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. MissPrudish Senior Member

    Ok to be honest what i've actually read was something like:

    "hyt bnm,Istedigimi Yaparım!"

    but I assumed maybe these were the whole words:p

    Perhaps a turk can help me with the translation of this sentence...Thanks.
  2. mansio Senior Member

    This is what I understand as a beginner in Turkish: hayat benim (or hayatim) = my love, my darling
    istedigimi = what i want
    yaparim = I do, I'll do
    "Darling, I do what i want (or as I like)"

    If istedigimi is istedigini then the sentence becomes: "Darling, I do what you want" or "I'll do what you want".
    (It has to be checked by a Turkish-speaking person)
  3. Chazzwozzer

    Chazzwozzer Senior Member

    It can be simply translated into English as That's my life, I do what I want.

    So, mansio, note that it says 'Hayat benim' and it cannot be used to mean 'my darling' but it can mean 'my life' ;)

    Hope that helps
  4. MissPrudish Senior Member

    many thanks for this!
  5. mansio Senior Member


    Thanks for correcting me.
  6. Chazzwozzer

    Chazzwozzer Senior Member

    Anytime. :cool: Good luck with your studies, guys. :)

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