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  1. Fracrosby Member

    Can someone help me to understand what heavy-minded means?
    Thank you
  2. CAMullen Senior Member

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    I have never heard the term before, although "heavy" is often used to mean "sad." Maybe that's what it means.
  3. panjandrum

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    Please help us by giving us at least a little bit of context.
  4. T.D-K Senior Member

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  5. panjandrum

    panjandrum <<PongoMod>> EO'Moderator

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    My first thought was that this would be something about:
    ‘Weighed down’ with sorrow or grief; sorrowful, sad, grieved, despondent.

    But a quick look on the web found links where heavy-minded is used to describe rock enthusiasts who are into heavy metal.
  6. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    I've also seen heavily minded in the sense T.D-K gave above. But I don't think it's correct. To me, "I'm heavily minded" suggests "I've got half-a-dozen of brawny blokes looking after my security" :D
  7. Fracrosby Member

    Thanks a lot to everybody.
  8. jmattson New Member

    It is important to be light hearted, not light minded. To be heavy minded is to be considerate on an issue, study it, and thoroughly examine it. Hence, to be light minded means that one doesn't really care at all.

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