Help wanted to identify inscription language on kukri knife

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    Hi, I've recently found the kukri knife pictured below on a fleamarket. I've consulted a forum specialized in kukris and kukri study, but no one so far has been able to identify the language that the inscription is made in, and my own research hasn't turned up anything either. So I've humbly come here, in hope that someone might know what language it is.

    Most kukris are made in nepal or india, so I assume that its probably a language from that area, but it might not be. Thanks in advance!

    Warning! Large pictures!

    The inscription is visible in the 3rd picture, the other pictures are purely for reference.
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  2. ewie

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    This septic isle!
    NW Englandish English
    It looks distinctly like Singlppr Mistri / Pctora to me.

    The first word may be an attempt at 'Singapore'.
    'Mistri' is a surname.
    i.e. 'made in Singapore by Mistri'.

    I've no idea about the third word.

    All this is guesswork, obviously.
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