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Hey, I am just writing to say hello

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by beetle, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. beetle Senior Member


    Come si dice:

    'Hey, I am just writing to say hello and see how you are because we haven't spoken for a while'

    or somthing similar if it sounds better like,

    'Hey, this is just a hello message to see how you are because I haven't heard from you in a bit'.

    'Ciao, solo scrivo per dire ciao e ? come stai perche' non abbiamo parlato per un po'...

    Grazie :)
  2. Hockey13

    Hockey13 Senior Member

    Irvine, California
    My best attempt (which is surely not native)

    Ciao, ti scrivo solo di dirti "ciao" e di scoprire come tu sei perché non ci parliamo da molto tempo.
  3. skanner62 Senior Member

    Italian - Venice (Italy)

    "Ti scrivo solo per dirti ciao, e per saper come stai, visto che e' da un pezzo che non ci sentiamo"


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