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  1. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    What does the oho interjection really express in HU?

    In what situations would it be used? Is one sex more likely to use it that the other?
  2. UrduMedium Senior Member

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    Urdu (Karachi)
    Used at the beginning of a friendly tease.

    Example: Oho! Tony saahab to baRe aadmii ban gaye haiN, ab hameN kyuN lifT karaa'eN ge!!

    Can also be used at the start of a cheerful compliment

    Example: Oho! aaj chhoTe miyaaN bohot chamak rahe haiN, masha'Allah!

    There's another much less used version of this that I also recall: wither okkho! or oxxo!
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  3. greatbear Senior Member

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    In addition to what UM has already explained by way of fine examples, "oho" is also used when a person expresses (slight) annoyance: for example, "Oho! Tum se to aaj kal itnaa bhii kaam Dhang se nahiN hotaa!"

    Meanwhile, UM, we say "lifT deNge" if you mean to give someone a ride in a vehicle; is "lifT karaaenge" as well common?
  4. Alfaaz Senior Member

    lifT karaanaa
  5. greatbear Senior Member

    India - Hindi & English
    Thanks, Alfaaz! We use "lifT denaa" in the sense of "ghaas denaa" (or "ghaas Daalnaa") as well: "lifT karaanaa" is new to me.
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  6. UrduMedium Senior Member

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    Urdu (Karachi)
    GB- In Pakistani Urdu you'll find both lifT denaa and lifT karaanaa, in roughly the same sense. From my experience the latter is a bit more common.
  7. UrduMedium Senior Member

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    Urdu (Karachi)
    Curious if anyone else can vouch for oxxo/okkho in the sense of oho?
  8. greatbear Senior Member

    India - Hindi & English
    Thanks a lot, UM, for the extra information!
  9. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

    اُردو Urdu
    I agree, this usage is also there.
  10. Englishmypassion

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    India - Hindi
    But I think in speech there is a difference of the tone and stress in "oho" as used in post #2 and #3: pleasant/friendly way and annoyance. In the friendly 'oho' the stress is on the ending o sound and the o sound lasts longer (said very slowly and softly), and I think the word as a whole also lasts a bit longer (as it is spoken slowly) than the one used to express annoyance. The 'oho' for annoyance is very strong :( and is usually said quickly and in a shouting manner(as expected:p).
    Please correct me if my observation is wrong.

    PS: It can also show regret as in "Oho, mein usko paise dena bhool gaya" or "Oho, meine galat shot khel diay".

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