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his pious ejaculation

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by emma1968, May 23, 2006.

  1. emma1968 Senior Member

    I'm getting puzzled with this expression"...Looking meantime in my face so sourly, that I charitably conjectured his pious ejaculation had no reference to my unexepcted advent"

    .....Guardando allo stesso tempo la mia faccia così ??????? che io teorizzai compassionevolmente che la sua ...... ......... non avesse niente a che fare con il mio inaspettato arrivo

    Naturalmente, ho capito il senso, ma non riesco a trovare un'appropriata traduzione se non quella letterale.
  2. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    A "sour" expression is one of discontent, unhappiness, but not quite anger. In the WR dictionary I see "inacidito" or "inacidirsi", which may or may not be accurate in italian. Another way of explaining it would be the same expression you would get on your face if you were to bite into a VERY sour lemon.

    Ejaculation in English usually is sexual, but in this case it just means a statement - his pious statement.

  3. nickditoro

    nickditoro Senior Member

    Minneapolis, MN

    Ejaculation has a stricter meaning, as a liturgical utterance, usually by the faithful during services: "several short liturgical formulas are embodied in this document [the Didache], the word Amen occurs but once, and then in company with the word maranatha, apparently as an ejaculation of the assembly." (Catholic Encylopedia)

  4. TimeHP

    TimeHP Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    Potrebbe essere:

    Guardando al contempo la mia faccia in modo così astioso, da farmi capire che la sua pia giaculatoria nulla aveva a che fare con il mio inaspettato arrivo.

  5. Shakazulu Senior Member

    English Ireland
    Just to add a few examples of "pious ejaculations"
    Good God!, God help us! God between us and all harm!
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!,
    Suffering Christ! etc. etc. etc.
    All are commonly used (in some places at least!) as "intensifiers"when people are emotionally disturbed/upset, = more or less as swear-words.
    :)rolleyes: In some cultures, people concentrate on the natural functions of evacuation and copulation, but when properly brought up, they tend towards blasphemy instead!:rolleyes: )

    The statement "I charitably conjectured his pious ejaculation had no reference to my unexepcted advent" is meant to be humourous.
  6. emma1968 Senior Member

    Sono un pò confusa!!
    Mi stai dicendo che l'affermazione è detta in tono ironico?
  7. Shakazulu Senior Member

    English Ireland
    Per certo: La verbosità dell'espressione (e l'abundanza delle parole "latine") indica che è detta in tono ironico.
    "I charitably conjectured his pious ejaculation had no reference to my unexpected advent!" non è "inglese" normale, serio, ...

    Ma per assicurarsi e precisare in qual modo o perchè l'autore ha parlato così, bisogna vedere il contesto, soprattuto la frase precedente.
  8. emma1968 Senior Member


    Eccola: " the Lord help us! He soliloquized in an undertone of peevish displeasure, while relieving me of my horse; (and then the other)......
  9. Shakazulu Senior Member

    English Ireland
    Bene! Ancora il linguaggio ponderoso poli-sillabbico, "allattinato", indica un spirito scherzoso. Forse, nel ottocento o settecento, tale espressione si poteva prendere sul serio, ma adesso, non più.
    ("Forse", dico, perché alcuni autori anche nel settecento e nel'ottocento hanno usato tal linguaggio "tongue in cheek" = giocosamente, per esempio, Laurence Sterne, Charles Lamb, ...)

    "The Lord help us" – a "pious ejaculation", si, but invariably used as an expression of dissatisfaction (not quite = "porca miseria)!
    L'autore conosce bene che l'altro non sta pregiando (!) ma tuttavia dice "pious ejaculation", giocosamente. ...
    No so come si può preservare in italiano questo senso o tono ironico, forse per utilizzare] utilizzando anche linguaggio il piu pomposo ...???
  10. ElaineG

    ElaineG Senior Member

    Brooklyn NY
    Ma ora che conosciamo che il testo è Wuthering Heights (vedi l'altro thread di Emma), sappiamo che non è scherzoso (il contrario, infatti).

    Ma in generale, hai ragione. ;)
  11. Shakazulu Senior Member

    English Ireland
    Il lavoro certamente non è scherzoso, ma ci sono dei elementi del "pawky humour" che prevale in Yorkshire.

    [P.S. I didn't think I'd find "pawky" in the dictionary, but I did:
    "artfully shrewd", "sly", "cunning" – but I am not sure that any of these hits the spot precisely ...]
  12. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    By saying that the pious ejaculation (the Lord help us!) had no reference to his unexpected advent (his unexpected arrival) he is saying that he realized that the person saying "The Lord help us!" was not refering to him as the Lord merely because he turned up at the the exact moment he said it.
  13. emma1968 Senior Member

    Indeed! By saying "Lord help us " he is refering to the bad atmosphere in the house

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