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homicidio culposo

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by margara00, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. margara00 Senior Member

    como se dice homicidio culposo en ingles, es manslaughter?

  2. Dlyons

    Dlyons Senior Member

    English - Ireland
  3. the boss Senior Member

    Creo que manslaughter es el término adecuado.
  4. santpol New Member

    American English
    Amigos: He visto vario terminos para MANSLAUGHTER; entre ellos, homicidio involuntario, y homicidio culposo.

    He aqui mi lista (parcial) de HOMICIDIOS en USA:

    Homicidio voluntario premeditado (MURDER 1)
    Homicidio voluntario (o intencional) sin premeditación (MURDER 2)
    Homocidio involuntario ( o no intencional) (MANSLAUGHTER)
    Homicidio criminal por negligencia (CRIM. NEGLIGENT HOM).
    Cuando se habla de 'voluntary manslaughter,' la expresión se vuelve larga: Homicdio no intencional, pero voluntario.

    Hay muchas expresiones para esta lista de crímenes, y no digo que mi lista sea la mejor o la única posible. Pero es la que uso en la corte,
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  5. litiga8or

    litiga8or Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    Rainy Oregon! USA
    Remember -- homicide -- has a different legal meaning in each state. To interpret it correctly, you really need to find out what it means in the jurisdiction where it is being used.
  6. AlGrano Senior Member

    North Carolina, USA
    Spanish - Honduras
    I agree with Litiga8or. In NC, I'm using:
    1st Degree Murder: Asesinato en 1er Grado o Asesinato Premeditado (w/Malice, planning, intentional, premeditated and deliberately)
    2nd Degree Murder: Asesinato en 2do Grado (w/malice; No premeditation, no specific intent to kill)
    Voluntary manslaughter: Homicidio Doloso (without malice; in the heat of passion; under Sudden Adequate Provocation; usually adultery, self defense, etc)
    Involuntary manslaughter: Homicidio Culposo (unlawfull; not committed during a felony; like DWI; gun goes off; fail to feed a child, etc.)

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