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hope - wish

Discussion in 'Português-Español' started by zappo, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. zappo Senior Member

    U.S. English
    In Spanish, ojalá can be used in cases like:

    (1a) Ojalá (que) llueva. “I hope it rains”

    (1b) Ojalá (que) haya llovido. “I hope it rained.”

    (2a) Ojalá (que) lloviera. “I wish it would rain.”

    (2b) Ojalá (que) hubiera llovido. “I wish it had rained.”

    In Portuguese, can any of the following be used the same way? --- oxalá…, oxalá que…, que…, tomara que…?
  2. WhoSoyEu

    WhoSoyEu Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro
    Español Latam, Português Br
    Pode, mas pelo menos no Brasil, o "tomara" é mais usado que o "oxalá".

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