1. Orion+

    Orion+ New Member

    San Jose
    Costa Rica
    El español es mi lengua nativa y necesito ayuda por favor. Especialmente con la traducción para hubiera/hubiese.

    Enunciuado en español:

    Dudo seriamente que este periódico (hubiera/hubiese) estado comunicando los nuevos avances tecnológicos.

    My attempt:

    I serioulsy doubt that this newspaper had been communicating the new technologies

    (should I say HAS BEEN or HAD BEEN) Please advise.
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  2. cpinko New Member

    I think we need to have a little more of the sentence to clarify which is needed as both could be used in certain circumstances.
  3. Bigote Blanco Senior Member

    ..would have been...
  4. Orion+

    Orion+ New Member

    San Jose
    Costa Rica
    I'm referring to a specialized newspaper, which usually publishes info related to technological advances. By March of this year, I suspect the newspaper was not doing it - as they claim.

    Thanks. Sometimes this tense is hard to translate.
  5. cpinko New Member

    I think in this case you are correct with your original sentence.
  6. SydLexia Senior Member

    UK English
    Or' "I seriously doubt that this newspaper has been reporting on new technologies/technical advances since March"

  7. Forero Senior Member

    Houston, Texas, USA
    USA English
    I agree with SydLexia. Definitely "has been reporting on". Communicating would sound odd here.

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