I don't want to runaway but I can't take it, I don't understand.

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  1. annie616 Senior Member

    Can someone please translate into spanish?
    thank you!

    I don't want to runaway but I cant take it, I don't understand.
    if I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am.
    is there any way that I can stay in your arms.
  2. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    "No quiero alejarme, pero ya no lo soporto, no lo entiendo.
    Si no fui hecho para ti entonces, ¿Por qué mi corazón me dice que sí lo soy?
    ¿Hay alguna manera que pueda quedarme entre tus brazos?
    Daniel (NOT Beddingfield) Franco
  3. JoHn21 New Member


    i can't do it!!! im liking her more!!! i don't understand??? im confused!!??
  4. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    What in the Sam Hill is this post supposed to mean?
  5. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    Hi, JoHn21!
    Welcome to the WR language forums, from one member to another. Please take a few minutes to read the rules about posting, so that members can better help you.
    Please start a new thread for new questions!
    See you around.

    P.S. Erm... Ahem, never mind! :)
    I just read your other post down the list, where you opened a new thread for your question. Hope the other members helped you out!

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