I hope to have good luck!

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  1. jusifay Member

    Quisiera poner "Espero tener buena suerte" en inglés, alguien me ayuda?
    Mi intento es "I hope to have good luck!" pero me suena traducido muy literalmente, hay una forma que suene más natural?

  2. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    High Navarre
    I hope I'll be lucky.
  3. Gurisa-argentina Member

    Spanish - English
    Creo que "I hope I'm lucky" suena bien.
  4. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    While the other suggestions are good, and do sound less formal, your version is perfectly correct, and would be the best choice in certain, more formal, situations.

    Other possibilities:

    I'm hoping for luck.
    I expect to be lucky.
    I'm expecting to be lucky.
    Here's hoping for luck.

    Using "expect" implies that the speaker is confident of having luck, and anticipates that will be the case. "Hope" implies less confidence.

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