I hope you have a nice weekend

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    Can you tell me how to write "I hope you have a nice weekend" in Spanish?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    One way:

    Que pase buen fin de semana.
  3. sayah Senior Member

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    You could say something like: "Que disfrutes de un buen fin de semana" or "que te diviertas el fin de semana"

  4. Languageisbeautiful New Member

    Muchos gracias , Chris K e Sayah.
  5. Mcmarthin Senior Member

    Hi everybody, I´ve (got) a doubt, concerning the first sentece "I hope you have a nice weekend", I don´t know but I would wrote " I hope you will have a nice weekend"
    Am I correct?
    Please correct me if necessary. Thanks.mcm
  6. expatriotlaguy Senior Member

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    As you know, this sentence invokes the subjunctive mood. In English, we usually have to use the same conjugations as the present or past indicative, which means in this case I hope you have a nice weekend. If you put will in it, it is like using the future tense where the subjunctive mood is expected, and it sounds wrong. Native English speakers usually wouldn't use will in such a sentence.
  7. fedayn Senior Member

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    Another one:

    "Que tengas un buen fin de semana".
    "Buen finde" (very colloquial). Finde = Weekend.

  8. Mcmarthin Senior Member


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