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I remember struggling with you and Evandro

Discussion in 'English Only' started by AlexanderIII, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. AlexanderIII Senior Member

    Dear all,
    Could you please help me out with a difficulty in the novel by Dennis Lehane 'Gone, Baby, Gone'?

    “’Member the night Glynn shot me?” Angie said.
    “Yeah.” [said
    “Just before it happened, I remember struggling with you and Evandro in the dark, all the candles in my bedroom flickering like eyes, and I thought: I can’t do this anymore. [
    Angie said]

    The phrase in red refers the reader to another of Lihane's novels "Give Me Your Hand, Darkness" (or something like this). I have read it's text in Russian and I vouch that Angie and Patrick being (as usual) allies withstand (resist) Evandro.

    The question: is it possible to interpret I remember struggling with you and Evandro as
    I remember we (you, Patrick, and me) were struggling against Evandro? This is of course a stretch invented to find some sense in the otherwise senseless phrase.
  2. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

    American English
    Without knowing the book, if Angie wasn't part of the struggle it could mean: I remember struggling going on between you and Evandro.

    "I remember struggling (a struggle) -- you and Evandro in the dark."

    It would be similar to "I remember loud noises with you and Evandro lighting firecrackers."
  3. AlexanderIII Senior Member

    Hi, Copyright,
    actually Angie was taking part in the struggle. Can you see the problem? The phrase in 'Gone, Baby, Gone' seemingly (at least it seems to me) says 'I struggled with both you and Evandro' while according to the text of the novel 'Give Me Your Hand, Darkness' it should be 'Both you (Patrick) and me (Angie) struggled against Evandro'. So I am looking for a linguistic opportunity to give it some sense.
  4. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

    English UK
    Hi Alexander

    However I squint at it, I can't make I remember struggling with you and Evandro mean
    I remember struggling in partnership with you against Evandro.

    It looks like an example of careless writing:(.
  5. AlexanderIII Senior Member

    Hi, Loob,
    I can't agree more with you. In acknowledgements Lihane says that some of his assistants helped to reduce chaos in the text. As the reference to the other novel was especially difficult to verify (one needed to reread another novel) Lehane's editor might skip it.

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