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"I told him that when I got back, I would call him"

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by iheartportugues, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. iheartportugues Senior Member

    Would this phrase take the past subjunctive? It doesn't sound right to me to use the indicative of any past tense as the period you are talking about, the action had not been completed then. I.e. If it was in the present you would use the future subjunctive, as the action has not been completed:
    i.e. "Eu digo-lhe que quando chegar a casa, lhe vou ligar" (se esta frase tem erros, podem corrigir!)

    portanto, deve ser assim no passado?:

    Eu disse-lhe que quando chegasse (ou deve ser: "tenha chegado"?), lhe ligaria

    Ou se nao tenho razao, e que deve ser no indicativo:

    Eu disse-lhe que quando cheguei, lhe ligaria

    Como sempre, se fiz erros, em qualquer parte da pergunta, por favor, corrijam-me! Assim aprendo! Obrigado de antemao!
  2. LuizLeitao

    LuizLeitao Senior Member

    São Paulo, Brazil
    This phrase is correct: Eu disse-lhe que quando chegasse, lhe ligaria.
  3. Joca

    Joca Senior Member

    Florianópolis, Brazil
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Eu disse a ele que ligaria assim que chegasse.

    That sounds more natural to me, in Brazilian Portuguese.
  4. LuizLeitao

    LuizLeitao Senior Member

    São Paulo, Brazil
    Tem razão, Joca.

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