Icelandic: af hverju vs. til hvers

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    Essentially, I would like to know when to use one and when the other. My initial instinct would be that til hvers carries more of a sense of the English "for what purpose?", whereas af hverju is more "for what reason", as in "why is the sky blue?". I may be completely wrong - I have this horrible feeling that this may be another one of those areas which you just get familiar with through practice...

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    Yeah, you wouldn't say "Til hvers er himinninn blár?" I don't think. I agree with you, I think "til hvers" means "for what purpose" or "what for" and "af hverju" or "hvers vegna" are "for what reason". That's how I use them anyway.

    Til hvers gerir hann það? - What does he do that for?
    Af hverju gerir hann það? - Why does he do that?
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    That sounds quite logical I guess too, especially when you consider the meanings of the prepositions by themselves. Thank you!

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