if you've got it, flaunt it

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  1. silie Senior Member

    Bonjour tout le monde!

    Comment dirais je "If you've got it flaunt it"? Je n'ai aucune idee! :confused:

    Merci en avance!
  2. VanOo

    VanOo Senior Member

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    We need more context to be specific !

    I'd say:
    "Si tu l'as, fais le savoir" but it could be wrong according to the context or to the people you're speaking to
  3. silie Senior Member

    I asked some French speakers and they said the expression doesn't really exist in France so I just left it out!
    Thanks for your help all the same VanOo!
  4. Anitchka Senior Member

    Hi all!

    I have the same sentence in the context of a story of a seductive and provocative woman that says to all men:
    "if you've got it flaunt it"
    =>"montre-moi ce dont tu es capable"
    Does this work?
    merci beaucoup!
  5. moustic Senior Member

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    British English
    Pas tout à fait. Dans ce contexte, elle parle de ses atouts physiques : de longues jambes, une belle poitrine ...
    Quelque chose comme : si on a une belle "carrosserie" on la montre !
  6. Anitchka Senior Member

    thanks! but she says that to men not about herself.
    so, maybe somehting like "Tu as des atouts? J'attends de voir"...?
  7. PaulQ

    PaulQ Senior Member

    English - England
    Comment dirais je "If you've got it flaunt it"? Je n'ai aucune idee!

    As it appears to be unknown as a French idiom, the best you could do is to use a noun for the first pronoun and translate directly:
    e.g. "If you've got it a talent flaunt it"
  8. Oddmania

    Oddmania Senior Member

    Larousse suggère Si tu as ce qu'il faut, ne t'en caches pas! et je trouve cette solution tout à fait adéquate :)
  9. Anitchka Senior Member

    Merci à tous pour votre aide!:) Oui le Larousse semble bien adapté merci!
  10. Icetrance Senior Member

    US English
    On étale ce qu'on a de mieux.

    Si tu l'as, étale-le.

    Ce qu'on fait de mieux, ce qu'on possede de mieux...faut l'étaler!
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  11. KaRiNe_Fr

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    Si Mère Nature t'a bien pourvu, pourquoi le cacher ?
  12. TO_FR

    TO_FR Member

    68 (France)
    Français - France
    sinon, maybe fais voir ce que t'as dans le ventre

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