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  1. telenovela_addict Senior Member

    Malay and English
    What's the meaning of "Igualado" in this phrase?
    "Chofercito!Grocero igualado!"

    The girl is mad at the driver for preaching her that she doesn't care anything else but her career.
  2. girrabrong Senior Member

    English - Australia

    well when she said grosero she means he is rude and here is a definition in spanish I got from another thread for igualado

  3. girrabrong Senior Member

    English - Australia
    By saying Chofercito she is being demeaning, putting him down, making him insignificant, by using the diminutive in this case. She is obviously offended and as well as saying he is rude she is implying that he(the chofer) wishes to have her social status.

    "Little Chofer" (although meant more like little insignificant Chofer) "You rude wannabe"(social climber)

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