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I'll think about it. / Let me think about it.

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by bailarín, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. bailarín

    bailarín Senior Member

    Ciudadano del mundo
    English (USA)
    안녕하세요!! I'm trying to figure out the natural way to tell a merchant at a department store: "I'll think about it" or "Let me think about it."

    Here is my attempt: 생각 좀 할게요 or 생각 좀 하고 다시올게요.

    Thank you!!
  2. Kross Senior Member

    Hello, bailarin

    If you are looking for native and mild expressions when you need to make some time before deciding to purchase some items, yours is fine.

    My favorite one is 다른 곳 좀 둘러 보고 다시 올께요. (I will come back here after browsing other shops nearby)

    When this is heard, the owner of a shop thinks that the shoppers are less likely to revisit them.
  3. bailarín

    bailarín Senior Member

    Ciudadano del mundo
    English (USA)
    Hey, Kross!! Thanks a lot for your reply and your additional suggestion. I'll give it a try maybe this weekend. :) Take care.
  4. calzino New Member

    The colloquial ways of saying are:

    딴 데 좀 더 보구요.

    좀 더 둘러 볼게요.

    좀 더 보고 올게요.
  5. bailarín

    bailarín Senior Member

    Ciudadano del mundo
    English (USA)
    Thank you, calzino!! I've heard your last two suggestions being used, but I've never heard of the first one. I'll try it out, too!! :)

    Take care.

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