I'm confused by/with/on/over statistics

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  1. Englishdoubt New Member

    "I´m confused by/with/on/over stadistics"
    I´m not sure which is the most appropriate preposition in that sentence, can you help me? Thanks a lot!!!
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  2. Mmart Senior Member

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    I would say "by" in this case.
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  3. donbeto

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    Englishdoubt, yes "by". En español, diría

    Estoy confundido por estadisticas.

    Bienvenido/a al foro.
  4. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    Yes, it's "by."


    statistics :tick:

    Now, maybe the teachers of statistics are sadists, and you might want to call them stadistics :p, but that word doesn't exist in English.
  5. Jim2996 Senior Member

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    "I'm confused by statistics." is the preposition to use. However, you might want to say
    "Statistics confuse me."
  6. inib

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    Hello Englishdoubt, welcome to the forum.
    Are we talking about a school subject or the general theme of statistics? If so, OK, but I think I would have expressed the sentence differently - I find statistics confusing - or some other version which avoids the verb to confuse altogether.
    But I wonder if you may be referring to a particular set of statistics, in which case you would need the definite article: I'm confused by the statistics of X.
  7. AliBadass

    AliBadass Senior Member

  8. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    One dictionary is not "dictionaries."

    A dictionary may give an example but that does not mean that there are not other possibilities.

    "Confused by statistics" means that you are the object of confusion and statistics is causing the confusion. The verb here is used transitively.

    In "confused about," you are the subject and the verb here is used intransitively.

    Many verbs in English can be used either transitively or intransitively.
  9. AliBadass

    AliBadass Senior Member

    Thank you. What if I say ''I'm confused about statistics''? What would the conception be? And what do you mean by ''the subject''? Could you please give me an example? I'd appreciate your response.

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