I'm sorry I hurt you

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  1. sharibaby New Member

    How would you say I'm sorry in Spanish when you have hurt someone that is very close to you?
  2. belén

    belén Ex-Moderator

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Some ideas:

    Lo siento mucho, no quería hacerte daño

    Siento mucho haberte lastimado

    Perdóname, no fue mi intención hacerte daño.
  3. Citrus

    Citrus Senior Member

    Español / México
    Lamento haberte lastimado - I'm sorry I hurted you
    Lo siento, no quise lastimarte - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you
    Perdóname - Forgive me

    Welcome to the Forums. I hope this helps :)
  4. sharibaby New Member

    Thank you so much. :)

  5. missmel New Member

    Canada, English
    you could say:

    Disculpame por haberte lastimado too!
  6. VenusEnvy

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    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    Citrus: "Hurt" is irregular . . . . It's the same conjugation in the present and past tense. :eek:

    Debería ser: "I'm sorry I hurt you."
  7. Mercedes Sosa

    Mercedes Sosa Senior Member

    Busan, Korea
    por que 'hacerte daño'? y 'haberte lastimado'?
    Por que los dos tienen verbos diferentes?

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