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    Hi all,

    I have heard many a time that there isn't much in the way of sequence of tenses in Modern Greek in comparison to say, French or English... I came across this sentence tonight and it struck me that I would have said "ήταν" having used πιστεύω in the Imperfect. Anyway, is the following grammatically correct / acceptable? Would sequencing tenses as mentioned above be wrong in Greek? This is something I've always been puzzled by in Greek.

    Anyway, the example I found:

    Πώς πικραινότανε τώρα ο Γιώργος! Πίστευε πως είναι χαμένος. Πικρά δάκρυα κυλούσαν από τα μάτια του...

    Thanks in advance! I look forward to the answers to this φλέγον ζήτημα of mine (seriously it's been years now haha)!
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    «Πίστευε» points to which time (imperfect) the action takes place. It doesn't matter if the verb of the subordinate clause is «είναι» or «ήταν».
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    This phenomenon is what Greek seems to have more in common with Slavic languages.

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