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  1. phillyitalianstudent Senior Member

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    What is the meaning of in voto?


    "Cosí sono i cherici, come offerti in voto a Dio, ossi convertiti"

    Thank you in advance for any help!
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  2. CPA Senior Member

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    Not enough context, I'm afraid. And I think you need to check the spelling of that.
  3. phillyitalianstudent Senior Member

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    Thanks, CPA. Here is some more context:

    "Vi sono cristiani di due generi. Uno dei generi, trasferito in modo solenne sotto la sacra potestà per l'ufficio divino, e dedito alla contemplazione e alla preghiera, conviene che si ritiri da ogani confusione frastronante degli affari di questo mondo. Cosí sono i cherici, come offerti in voto a Dio, ossi convertiti."

    I've checked the spelling, and it is correct.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions!
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    Ehm... :);)
  5. Lingually Confused New Member

    I was reading Wikipedia about what the Catholic Church's belief is on the fate of the unbaptised, and came across this term, "in voto" in reference to "baptism of desire". It mentions baptism of desire, and baptism of blood. Baptism of blood is referring to martyrdom, people who die for a noble cause in the name of God, or under persecution, yet have not undergone the official ritual of baptism. And "in voto" is referring to those who accept God, having not been baptised, still receiving salvation and God's grace. So I'm pretty sure "in voto" means something like by volition or voluntary, those that haven't had baptism or late converts who die before baptism.
  6. Rhapsodyan New Member

    Might it be something like "to be offered as a sacrifice"?
  7. MR1492

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    I would have to concur with this post. I also remember a similar doctrine for a "sincere act of contrition" being an acceptable substitute for the sacrament of penance performed by a priest. This was applicable in an emergency and not for day-to-day activities but it is church doctrine.
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    Hi Phil, religion is not my strong suit but I suspect the meaning of "in voto" in the OP is quite different.

    "As a votive offering" is how this Catholic backslider would translate it. :D
  9. MR1492

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    I am inclined to disagree, Teerex. My look at the Wikipedia entry (and my own Catholic upbringing :)) leads me to believe that Lingually Confused is spot on. The doctrine mentioned of an "in spirit" sacrament is pretty well established as I recall ( and And the entries all point to the phrase "in voto" meaning "in the spirit" versus through the traditional sacramental methods.

    I'm not absolutely sure you are wrong; I am just more sure that Lingually Confused is more right!


    P.S. I believe the votive offering is ex-voto.
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  10. Teerex51

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    Just to make sure we're reading off the same page, Phil, the OP's sentence says "offerti in voto". I'm really having a hard time reconciling this with Lingually_Confused's take ("in the spirit"). But maybe it's just me...

    Please note that L_C's in voto is Latin (its antonym being in re), while the OP's in voto is Italian. But I hate to belabor the point, especially in what to me amounts to uncharted waters...;)

    Surely some more knowledgeable forum member will chime in.
  11. MR1492

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    Ho fede!

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