Indice de población con estudios superiores

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  1. enzo2000 Senior Member

    tengo varias opciones pero ninguna termina de gustarme:
    Population with higher education rate.
    Rate of population with university education
    Rate of population with degrees

    La ubicación de "rate" es la pimera duda.

    Alguíen tendría alguna idea?

  2. fenixpollo

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    American English
    Lo de "rate", en términos demográficos, significa "el porcentaje de la población con...", así que la frase "rate of population" que propones es un poco reduntante. Mis sugerencias:

    Percentage of population with higher education = Higher education rate

  3. enzo2000 Senior Member

    thanks to both for the options, it is clear that Percentage is better than rate in this case, I will certainly put " Percentage of university educated population".
    Mainly, can we say that the translation for "indice" is "percentage" and for "tasa" is "rate" ?
    thanks for the explanation.
  4. eriador Member

    Hi Folks!
    I would rather say that percentage is the translation for "porcentaje", because índice must not be expressed in 100.
    I prefer "rate of population with higher education"
  5. enzo2000 Senior Member

    Thank you all, but I just have a look to the IATE and "indice" is almost ever translated as "index" sometimes, ratio,rate or indicator but never as percentage because as Eriador says an "indice" is not expressed in percentage, then I think I will use index in that case.
    thank you very much for these helpfull suggestions.

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