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Indonesian: Hi Pak or dear Pak

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by 42!, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. 42! New Member

    Hi Pak or Dear Pak + name
    this the salutation that I recive by mail from many colleagues from Indonesia.
    Is this typic for Indonesia only or?
    Grazie e ciao
  2. MarX Senior Member

    Indonesian, Indonesia
    Hi Pak!! :)

    Yes. That's Indonesian.

    Pak is the vocative (or abbrevated) form of Bapak, which originally means father, but nowadays used to address an adult male.

    The female counterpart would be Bu, the vocative form of Ibu, which also means mother, but used to address an adult female.

    By the way, the final -k in Pak is not pronounced as a K, but as a stop instead.

    Hope that helps!

  3. 42! New Member

    Thanks MarX!!!
  4. smoke.nomore New Member

    Bapak as uncle in english
  5. MarX Senior Member

    Indonesian, Indonesia
    The Indonesian word for "uncle" is paman. I never really used it though. I always say om (from Dutch "oom").

    For "father":
    ayah (standard)
    bapak (standard)
    bapa (rather poetic)

    Yet Pak is the only one used to address adult male strangers.

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