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Inib has well passed 3000 posts

Discussion in 'Celebrations' started by Peterdg, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Peterdg

    Peterdg Senior Member

    Dutch - Belgium
    Thanks for your 3000+ very valuable contributions, not only giving good advice but often also asking the right questions!!

  2. albertovidal

    albertovidal Senior Member

    Castellano, Argentina
    CONGRATULATIONS, Inib for your 3,000 + amazing posts!.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  3. inib

    inib Senior Member

    La Rioja, Spain
    British English
    Peter and Alberto,
    That is very kind of you both. I rarely look at my or other people's number of posts, so it was a big surprise for me to hear news of a celebration.
    Your words are too generous, but I certainly do celebrate having "got to know" you all, and having found people who selflessly share their time, knowledge and wisdom.
    Any time I spend on WR is because it's a pleasure to be in your company.
    Many thanks.

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