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  1. interpreterdude New Member

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    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if there was a panish equivalent of innie or outie belly button.
    I know that the term 'ombligo' is used to refer to the navel or belly button, but I was hoping to find out what innie and outie were, that is, a belly button that protrudes outward or one that is facing inward. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  2. Guillo1 Senior Member

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    Tener el ombligo para adentro o para afuera.
  3. Jonquil Senior Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    I think you 'd rather say 'ombligo sobresalido' for 'innie' and 'ombligo hundido' for 'outie'. The translation of 'navel' is 'ombligo', but for 'belly button' people use 'pupo'.
  4. maxpapic Senior Member

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    "Navel" and "belly button" are both "ombligo." What goes for Argentina and Ecuador does not go for the entire Spanish-speaking population.
  5. Jonquil Senior Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    Well, I agree with you. There are lexical differences between one country and another. Here in Argentina we listen to words we don't use on films that are dubbed from English into Spanish in other Southamerican countries. But we learn more words. That's no problem. If there are no common words in other Spanish speaking countries, they could very well understand 'pupo'.
  6. angelv04 Senior Member

    Hi, Jonquil,

    Creo que sus traducciones están al revés. :) Innie =ombligo hundido y outie = ombligo sobresalido.
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  7. Jonquil Senior Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    Tienes razón. Fue un lapsus. Gracias.
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