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input buying

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by pelipep, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. pelipep Senior Member

    Madrid Spain
    Spanish Spain

    I'm reading a report abouy the current situation of the construction in UK and it refers to input buying.

    This is teh context in which the expression is:

    Reduced new business volumes contributed to a further decline in purchasing activity at construction companies. Input buying has now fallen for nine consecutive months.

    This is the link: CLICK HERE

    I'm not making my own suggestion because I don't have a one.

  2. Ayutuxtepeque

    Ayutuxtepeque Moderador

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Español salvadoreño
    Hola Pelipep:

    Lo de "input buying", en tu contexto específico, en mi opinión, vos lo podés traducir como "compras/adquisiciones de insumos".

    Por ende, tu oración quedaría así:


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