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Insurance Linked Securities

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by lionking, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. lionking Junior Member

    Argentina, Spanish
    Hola a todos! Estoy traduciendo un texto de finanzas y uno de los títulos es Insurance Linked Securities, busqué el significado:

    Insurance-linked securities
    (ILS) are broadly defined as financial instruments whose values are driven by insurance loss events. Those such instruments that are linked to property losses due to natural catastrophes represent a unique asset class, the return from which is uncorrelated with that of the general financial market.

    ¿Saben si existe un término en español?
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  2. Ayutuxtepeque

    Ayutuxtepeque Moderador

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Español salvadoreño
    Hola Lionking:

    Lo de "insurance-linked securities" vos lo podés decir como "valores vinculados a seguros".

    Echale un ojo a lo siguiente, por favor:


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