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interruptor general automático de corte omnipolar

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by alextala, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. alextala New Member

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    ¿Sabeis cómo se traduce "interruptor general automático de corte omnipolar"?
  2. victor35ma

    victor35ma Senior Member

    Well I'm not quite sure about this. I might say it is omnipolar cut off main switch. .

    Perhaps if you describe to me how this device works I could figure it up. For sure it is a main switch. Omnipolar is already in english.
  3. psicutrinius Senior Member

    Spanish / Spain
    Esto es un

    four pole circuit breaker

    Siendo el general, además:

    Main 4-pole circuit breaker

    Dependiendo de si es para potencia alta (de 100 A para arriba) o no, es un

    Moulded case circuit breaker, o un miniature circuit breaker, respectivamente.

    Resumiendo: si es de 100 A o más:

    4-pole moulded case main circuit breaker

    y si no

    4-pole miniature main circuit breaker

    En "jerga", un ingeniero diría

    4-pole main MCCB, o 4-pole main mcb

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