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io ti bacio

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by val_morales_1974, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. val_morales_1974 New Member

    Is there somebody who could help me with this phrase?: Vedi te, io ti bazio

    My best Regards,
  2. irene.acler Senior Member

    Trento - Italy
    Hi, and welcome to WR!
    Can you please give us more contect?
    The word "bazio" doesn't exist in Italian, I think...maybe it's "bacio"?
  3. vikgigio Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    It means:
    "Consider that (what I said/proposed) yourself, I'm gonna kiss you"
    (where 'bazio' is probably a typo for "bacio" (kiss)
    This is the most I can do without a context to make the situation clearer
  4. val_morales_1974 New Member

    Thanks! I think I can understand now.
    Best Regards!

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