Io vado a puttane

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  1. fantino88

    fantino88 New Member

    italian - italia
    Io vado a puttane

    What is the correct phrases?

    I am whoring
    I whore

    I read in WR that "whore" is a verb. How can i use it? There are only examples with "whorING".
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  2. ALEX1981X Senior Member

    Maybe : I go whoring
  3. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    Both of them are okay:

    'I whore myself when I speak to my boss like that' :tick:

    'I am whoring myself when I speak to my boss like that' :tick:

    The problem with Alex's example is that 'to go whoring' can be (and often is) taken to mean to go out PICKING UP whores, or looking for one, as compared with doing it yourself.

    So 'to whore' can be a bit ambiguous. 'He whored his daughter' - he turned his daughter into a prostitute, or treated her as such with his friends. If you are acting as the prostitute there will usually be a 'myself' added as above and in other cases the surrounding words will make it clear.
  4. ALEX1981X Senior Member

    Sighingat what I want to convey is "going with whores and have sex with them" a client :)....not a whore myself

    In Italiano "vado a puttane" :warn: significa "realmente" pagare e avere rapporti sessuali con le prostitute :)....not being a prostitute

    What do you think ??
  5. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    Yes got you Alex - I'm inclined to agree.
  6. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    I think "I go whoring" would adequately convey that.

    A couple of other ways of saying it might be

    I go with prostitutes or
    I visit prosititutes

    I am sure there are any other ways to express it.
  7. ALEX1981X Senior Member

    Agree with what my friend ?? :)

    With my first attempt ??


    Vado a puttane :warn:ogni notte = I go whoring :warn: every night


    P.S: Thanks Elfa I've already seen your contribution ;)
  8. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    ROFL (not with a puttana though). ;)

    With your last one. But I was thinking you might have meant much the same in your first one, which is why I was a bit vague in my wording there.
  9. krissmix Senior Member

    "I go whoring" it is...
  10. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Ciao Alex :)

    While this is a perfectly valid translation, in BE I think this would be considered more old-fashioned and less in common usage than the two suggestions I made in post 5.
  11. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    You guys seem to know a lot about this...
  12. ALEX1981X Senior Member

    Post 6 you mean !...Old fashioned ??...Really ??

    Thank you Elfa...Is there any "slang" that can convey the same meaning, in this context ??

    I don't know what you're talkin about :rolleyes: (joking )
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  13. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    Old fashioned? I'm a bit surprised myself.

    I think I know what Elfa means, in that 'go whoring' goes back further than Shakespeare. But at the same time I'd describe it as very much in current use, albeit a 'grubbier' or slightly lower register than Elfa's examples.
  14. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Sorry, post 6. In answer to your question, yes, I'm sure there's a whole bunch of slang words...but I'm afraid it's not my area ;):)
  15. ALEX1981X Senior Member

    Mmmm.....I see :cool:
  16. Blackman

    Blackman Senior Member

    Island of Sardinia, Italy
    Context, context, context....

    Andare a puttane has a metaphorical use, very colloquial and close to vulgarity, but widely used. It's synonym for andare in malora, rovinarsi.
  17. ALEX1981X Senior Member

    Hey Black you're right generally speaking !

    But in this case we're dealing with : Io vado a puttane

    And no context is needed in my view...:)
  18. Gianfry

    Gianfry Senior Member

    Brighton, Uk
    In italiano, "andare a puttane" può significare due cose diverse, secondo il soggetto grammaticale della frase.
    Se si tratta di un essere umano (generalmente di sesso maschile), allora il significato è quello di "andare con prostitute".
    Se si tratta di un oggetto/concetto, allora il significato è quello proposto da blackman ("andare in malora, rovinarsi").
    A causa della crisi, il mio progetto è andato a puttane.
    Altra cosa ancora è il significato proposto (in inglese) da sighing al post #3.
    In italiano non potremmo tradurre con "andare a puttane", ma con altre espressioni.
    Mi sento una prostituta/puttana quando parlo così al mio capo
    Mi sembra di prostituirmi quando parlo così al mio capo

    Entrambe le forme, però, non sono molto idiomatiche...

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