Is this present of subjunctive 2nd person singular?

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  1. melonidas Member

    Hello , is this verb form μεδουσης, 2nd person singular of subjunctive active of μεδω ??

    thx, and sorry for the multiple questions, but learning ancient greek at home without any help is very difficult..
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  2. Perseas Senior Member

    Greek - GR

    could you provide the sentence, please? It seems to be present participle of feminine gender of the verb μέδω.
  3. melonidas Member


    το δε αγαλμα αρθον εστι εν χιτωνι και κατα τον στερνον η κεφαλη μεδουσης
  4. fdb Senior Member

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    French (France)
    η κεφαλη Mεδουσης
    “the head of Medusa”, genitive singular
  5. Perseas Senior Member

    Greek - GR
    Yes. In that case Μέδουσα was a monster of mythology (Γοργόνα).

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