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IT Business Relationship Manager/ IT Business Liaison

Discussion in 'Computers/IT/Informática' started by ledashair, May 20, 2013.

  1. ledashair New Member


    I am trying to find the term in Spanish for an IT Business Relationship Manager or an IT Business Liaison. This would be an individual who is part of the IT department that works with business partners to gather requirements, explain costs, and help manage demand of IT.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Turoyaki

    Turoyaki Senior Member

    Mexico-US Border
    Mexican Spanish
    I think I would use "Gerente de Enlace de Tecnologías de Información."
  3. spienbest New Member

    Zamora, Spanish
    IT Business Relationship Manager
    Gerente de relaciones de negocios en Tecnologías de la Información
    or (
    Gerente de relaciones de negocios en IT)

    IT Business Liaison
    Enlace de negocios de Tecnologías de la Información
    or (
    Enlace de negocios de IT)

    The term IT is common in Spain so it is not necessary to translate.

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