Je ne savais pas que tu parle francais

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  1. kerries New Member

    english us
    can somebody help translate this please

    Je ne s’avais pas tu parlais le francais. Tu m’impresse beaucoup
  2. 1234dom Senior Member

    Je ne savais pas tu parlais Francais. Tu m’impressionnes beaucoup.
    I think (not sure Englis below is correct) the tranlation is :
    I didn't know you can speak French. You impress me a lot.
  3. kerries New Member

    english us
    thank you so much... i speak english and spanish and my freind is trying to teah me french, and wow, im finding it difficult. :)
  4. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian

    Let me please invite you to post the subject of your request in the title of next threads (please have a look at #4 in WR rules). I just changed the title of this thread in order to allow further searches for similar topics

  5. louisemaddison Member

    Leeds, UK
    English (UK), England
    it's more like
    I didn't know you could speak french. I'm very impressed.

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