je vais très bien merci et vous

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  1. niko8181 New Member

    french, france
    je ne sais pas quoi répondre en anglais qd on me pose la question :
    hello, "how are you doing?" ?
    d'habitude je répond "i'm fine and you ?"
    mais je ne sais pas si c'est correct ?

    qu'est ce qui serait le mieux pour dire "je vais très bien merci et vous ?"

    pouvez vous me donner plusieurs exemples ? merci
  2. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Hi Niko,
    Your answer certainly works. You could, also, reply, "I'm doing just fine/great/pretty good (which really means so-so!)", or however you wish to respond according to your mood.
    Here in L:.A. people often answer,"Hanging in there", which means,"I'm struggling but getting by!".
    Best Regards,
  3. sandera

    sandera Senior Member

    Other colloquialisms used in Scotland....good...o.k.....oh surviving.....not bad.
  4. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    We, also, use all of yours, Sandera, except "surviving" which I, personally have not heard but which I imagine someone must,also, be using here, Stateside. In any case, I know I"ll certainly be using it. It fits my situation perfectly!
    Best Regards,
  5. grgatzby

    grgatzby Member

    I often hear "not bad, not bad" (twice)

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